Endangered Week and Returning to Blogging

I am sitting here trying to figure out whether or not to post my latest illustration on Instagram or not. And then realizing, I should just post it somewhere else to share with the world.  And so, I revive the blog.

I've been really struggling with what to post on my Instagram.  I've enjoyed using it as a blog for my art, but as someone who dabbles in lots of different types of creative hobbies, it's really hard to curate a nice looking feed on Instagram.  Instagram limits in ways that I just can't adhere to since I use so many mediums and color palettes.  And honestly, it's been driving me insane when deciding whether or not to post something because it "might make my feed ugly."  Since when did art become so ... strict?

I am finally realizing that I am just a creative person, and to keep my creativity going, I need to work in different mediums and subjects to keep myself creatively fueled.  And if Instagram can't do that for me, then well, I should find somewhere else to share my art with the world.

Some of my work is just mainly doodles, but others I take a lot time to find a nice composition, color palette and story behind what I'm making.  And I want to share this with people!  Because it's cool!  And I like it!  (More exclamation marks please!)

I don't think people still do blogs, but I've always like having a little journal of my artwork all in one place.  I've moved so many times and changed computers without backing up (oops) that it's actually nice to have everything in a place I can look back on.

Has anyone else felt like this?

Anyway, the thing I actually wanted to share on here since I don't think Instagram is a good platform for it... #EndangeredWeek!  It's a super cool initiative by some artists on Instagram to help spread awareness about some critically endangered animals.

Here are the prompts!

Art by @auvrea_illustration

Today I was thinking that it would be cool to make posters of these animals in the style of national park posters (WPA style?).  So I gave it a go.  But honestly I don't think I have the capacity to finish these to the level of quality that I want in a single day (or like a quarter of a day since I do work full time).

Created with Procreate

Turned out okay, but I think I will stick to the watercolor doodles that I started on before.  They're a little more fun for me and a lot faster to do!  Plus, I just love working with traditional mediums :)

Watercolor & colored pencils

Anyway, if you've stuck around this long... thanks!  And stay tuned for more art of different mediums and the honest words of an artist's insecurities.